The Struggle

I am constantly amazed at how good God is, and how He truly is ALWAYS there. I think what has really struck me lately is that God is a God who will never give up on me, abandon me, or be disappointed to a point of writing me off as His. I understand that there are consequences to my actions. But no matter what those are, He will continue to be good in my life and He will continue to be my source of joy, purpose, and providence. This life will always be a struggle because of sin, and especially because of the nature of sin. Not only is the temptation always strong and always there, but after you have tasted it you grow a liking for it and are drawn to it even though you hate it. Paul talks about this in Romans. He cries out desperately that he can’t seem to behave the way he wants to. I believe that part of that is that once we taste something we long for it and it becomes harder to be free of it. This is the struggle. It is my struggle. It is our struggle.

(Written March 9, 2007)

The Body

As I sit in the Denver airport waiting to fly home to Dallas, I am exhausted. I could not sleep for some reason, but in my partially coherent thoughts and emotions I am overwhelmed by my life and how much God has blessed me. The people He has brought into my life are endless encouragers to my heart and always expose me to a little bit of God’s character. I can’t imagine a life without such sweetness. Although every person is deprived and sinful, we all bear the image of God and in those sweet moments of life we are able to be blessed by it in others.

This weekend I celebrated the wedding of a young woman I had the privilege of walking through life with when she was in college. Her wedding perfectly reflected who she uniquely is and the God who is at the center of her life and her now husband’s life. I am amazed at the woman she is today and the strong convictions she has in Christ.

This bride was one of nine college girls who I taught the Bible to for four years. Each of those young women are so uniquely precious and I see shadows of them in who I am today. Over the years they have rubbed off on me and I am a better person because of it. And this is the beauty of the Body of Christ….that while I was put in their lives as a mentor to teach them truth and how to apply it to their lives, they were also put in mine to teach me and help me grow closer to Christ.

At this wedding I was touched by the beauty of the men of faith who had led their families to walk in God’s ways. At the Rehearsal dinner a father, two grandfathers, and an uncle stood and shared truth that can only be found in Christ. They were sure to not water down anything. I was speechless at their heritage in Christ and wondered who it started with? Who was the first man in that lineage to stand for Christ and who decided to raise his family in that way? Did their children feel smothered by their parents’ faith or did they realize what a great privilege they had been given? What a beautiful thing it was! I pray that one day a great grandchild of mine will sit at his or her rehearsal dinner and be in awe of the same thing. How incredibly attractive is a heart given over to and submissive to the Lord!

(Written March 12, 2007)


There is so much in life to write about, everyday is a new journey, every day offers new lessons and insights into life. I often find myself throughout my day wishing I could record my thoughts…my emotions at the exact moment that I feel them. Why? Because that is life, living in the moment, feeling at all times, thinking deeply, and not living this life in vain. Why should we mindlessly wander the earth and waste our lives? Each breath is precious and there is purpose all around us. The greatest tragedy would be to regret our wasted lives and wasted moments….we have a GOD who died so that we could live…so live we must. 

Each person lives a unique life. No one will ever live that exact life. No one. Just that person. Others will do the same things we do, but that does not make each moment of our life ordinary….because we have a chance to do it uniquely, as only we would do it. Because of this we each learn lessons and live experiences which define who we are and what we have to offer. What do I have to offer? Should I look around me and simply choose what I want to offer? No, it is already chosen through the life I live and the places I have been. My choice is to embrace the life I have been given and live it, to learn great lessons, to feel great emotions, to think great thoughts…and to share them with those around me. I believe a principle in the Bible is to live. I believe we are called to engage at every moment, to make the most of each moment, to look around and absorb the goodness of God and the amazing providence of every minute of every day. I hate the feeling that my mind has disengaged and I am on autopilot, what a horrible way to live life…what a waste of life. Lord, help me to live with purpose and not waste the life you have given me.

(Written February 19, 2007)