I am constantly amazed at how good God is, and how He truly is ALWAYS there. I think what has really struck me lately is that God is a God who will never give up on me, abandon me, or be disappointed to a point of writing me off as His. I understand that there are consequences to my actions. But no matter what those are, He will continue to be good in my life and He will continue to be my source of joy, purpose, and providence. This life will always be a struggle because of sin, and especially because of the nature of sin. Not only is the temptation always strong and always there, but after you have tasted it you grow a liking for it and are drawn to it even though you hate it. Paul talks about this in Romans. He cries out desperately that he can’t seem to behave the way he wants to. I believe that part of that is that once we taste something we long for it and it becomes harder to be free of it. This is the struggle. It is my struggle. It is our struggle.

(Written March 9, 2007)

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