The Lord showed me where I am…

Standing atop a mountain looking across a valley to the place I need to be.  The other peak is beautiful and peaceful, and it beckons me to cross.  Everything inside me knows I need and yearn to cross, so I begin the trek.  From where I am I can see the goal on the other side.  But as I venture down the path becomes rocky.  My ankles turn, and they have never turned.  My knees ache and they have never ached.  My mouth utters words I have never spoken.  As I travel the darkness surrounds me and I can no longer see the goal.  With the sun hidden behind the great mass before me I begin to think I will never see it again.  My predators track me and those who were my companions no longer recognize me.  The hardships and trials along the way have cast shadows on my soul which make me even unrecognizable to myself.  Did He want it this way?  Although the goal is no longer in sight…I pull out my map.  It is my only hope…my sword…His Word.  Its pages are filled with hope and promise of the goal I once saw so clearly.  It guides me and lets me know I am not alone.  As I read and try to follow its ways, it seems I fall even more.  Discouraged I fall to my knees and cry out.  There is a reply.  A still strong whisper.  It reminds me of where my strength comes from.  This journey is not just mine…it is Ours.  As I trudge on there are times of running, some of walking, and many desperate on my knees.  Often I have to close my eyes and just trust the goal is still there.  Although, I am still not there, my energy is sapped, I have failed more than not, my enemies have increased…I will go on.  Because I know who gives me strength.  I know the goal will never change.  I know that without falling, I would have never made it.  And He will never stop loving me.  And I have His Book…I have life…and the journey is Ours.

(Written February 25, 2001)

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